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For the most reliable carpet installation in Reno, NV, RD Carpet Repair is your best solution. We provide top-notch services that include carpet flooring, carpet patching, commercial carpet installation, carpet replacement and custom design. Our professional carpet installers have up-to-date skills and you can expect nothing less than top quality work.   

Installing carpet is no easy task. Just ask anyone who has attempted to go it alone. This is why commercial and residential carpet renovation and installation services are so valuable. Here are a few tips that we enjoy sharing with our customers. It is impossible to remove wrinkles, ripples and lumps without a carpet stretcher. Stretching is a big part of the job. Our Professional carpet installers are prepared and can handle the task. Not every job requires the same approach or equipment.  

We tell our customers to always ask the following when considering a carpet installation service.

Are your services guaranteed in writing?

Can give you give a written estimate?

Are your technicians qualified?

Can you provide references?

A reputable company will be able to say yes to these questions. A “yes” answer lets you know that you are going to get top-notch services, and that the company has the personnel and equipment to get the job done. One of the best ways to find out what we do and what services we offer is to invite us out for an estimate. We can answer all your questions and thoroughly explain our procedures along with the equipment and techniques that we use. Ask us about carpet flooring in Reno, NV.

Our services are fast & easy, and we are always considered reliable and reputable.

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